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How it Work?

How many SMS can I send?

You can send up to 10 SMS per day for free in order to send more you need to invite more friends, to join our Free SMS service

What is the supported Countries to send SMS?

There is a 219 supported Countries all over the world, you can pick the destination Country from Country Code Drop down list.

Can I send more than one SMS to one Phone number?

Yes you can send more than one SMS to the same phone number.

Do I need to add my credit card or sign-up to send SMS?

Sign-Up not required and no credit card needed to send SMS, you can Click on SMS in the top menu and start sending your SMS.

Are my data saved in your servers?

Once you SMS got delivered we delete all data entered in or forms.

Can I make call to world wide?

You can make call to about 190 supported Countries feel free to choose the destination country and make your call.

What is the limit of a call?

10 minutes

How Can I make a call?

Use the social buttons within the Calls page to share the web page with your friends and once it done a new form appeared to fill it.

How many calls can I perform per day?

2-3 Calls max

Do I need to pay something for calls?

It's totally free of cost